About us

Jennie is an accredited Scentwork UK instructor, judge and trials manger who has sucessfully handled her own dog Reo to level 7. Jennie and Reo competed at novice level in the inaugrial Detection Dog Trials and won, qualifying them both for the championships in December. She has been teaching for the past 2 years and her clients have been successful all the way up to level 6. She is passionate about creating a fun learning environment for both the dogs and the handlers while helping them extract their full potential. Be it competitive scentwork or mental stimulation for the dog. 


Jennie Regularly attends other instructors both from the SWUK world and the detection world to improve her knowledge and learning. To date she has trained with Heather Donnally (Scentwork UK) Becky Harris (Scent Detectives) and Rob Harris (Medical Detection Dogs) , Wesley Visscher (Scent Imprint for Dogs), Mark Doggett (Enviro Dogs) Georgie Armstrong (K9 Brain Training and Detection Dog Trials) and Nicola Davis (Canine Hydrotherapy, Training and Scentwork)


Jennie has also been a professional dog walker for 5 years. Fully insured and DBS checked, so you have piece of mind your beloved pet is in good hands. 


On a personal side Jennie owns 2 lovely dogs, a 7 year old Lab cross Reo and a 3 year old working sheepdog Bear